Wholesale Bongs Quebec City

Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. The city has about 800,000 people and is the second-largest city in the province after Montreal. Quebec City is located in the southeastern part of the province, on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River.

The city is known for its French-speaking, cannabis-loving population. In fact, Quebec has some of the highest rates of cannabis use in all of Canada! So, it’s no surprise that many people in Quebec City are interested in buying wholesale bongs.


Why Purchase Wholesale Bongs?

There are many reasons why someone might want to purchase wholesale bongs in Quebec City. For starters, buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying individual pieces. This is especially true for bongs, which can be pretty expensive.

Another reason to buy wholesale bongs is to get a better selection. When you buy in bulk, you can choose from a broader range of bongs, including those made with different materials and of various sizes. This way, you can find the perfect bong for your needs.

Finally, buying wholesale bongs is simply more convenient than buying individual pieces. You won’t have to worry about running out of bongs or constantly buying new ones with a bulk purchase. You can simply order once and have your bongs delivered right to your door.


Who Can Benefit From Bulk Bong Orders in Quebec?

Many types of people and businesses in Quebec City can benefit from bulk bong orders.



Quebec City dispensary owners love our ‘Thicc Chick’ Bong, made by LMAO Glass. The sturdy beaker piece is made of borosilicate glass, with a thick base that makes it ideal for sharing. The bong also comes with a matching bowl and downstem, so you’re all set!

If instead, you’re looking for wholesale straight bongs in Quebec City, the same ‘Thicc Chick‘ bong is also available in that style. Bulk bongs are perfect for dispensaries because they offer a great way to save money and provide customers with a wide selection of bongs to choose from.

When a customer walks into a dispensary, they should be able to find the perfect bong for their needs, and with a bulk purchase from Wacky Tabacky, you can make that happen!


Glass Blowing Artists

Glass-blowing artists in Quebec City love our ‘Frosted’ beaker bong. The bong is made of borosilicate glass and features a honeycomb percolator that diffuses the smoke for a smooth hit.

As a glassblower, you might want to use our ‘Honey Bee’ Bong as a model for your own creations. Or, you can simply purchase the bong in bulk and sell it in your shop. Either way, you’re sure to find wholesale bongs from Wacky Tabacky to be of the highest quality!


Smoke Shops

There are a plethora of smoke shops in Quebec City, and each one is unique. However, they all have one thing in common: they need a steady bong supply! That’s where Wacky Tabacky comes in. We offer the best selection of wholesale bongs in Quebec City, so you can rotate your stock and keep your customers coming back for more.

With our bulk discounts, you can save money on your bong purchases and pass the savings on to your customers. It’s a win-win!


Groups and Organizations

Do you belong to a group or organization that enjoys smoking cannabis together? If so, you know that having enough bongs is essential!

When planning your next smoke session, make sure to order wholesale bongs from Wacky Tabacky. We’ll make sure you have enough bongs for everyone in your group at a price that can’t be beaten!

Wholesale bongs are also perfect for fundraisers. If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to raise money for your favourite charity, consider selling bongs! Wacky Tabacky will provide you with the bongs you need at a price that won’t break the bank.


How to Purchase Wholesale Bongs in Quebec City?

Purchasing wholesale bongs in Quebec City is easy with Wacky Tabacky. Simply fill out the Wholesale Program form on our website, and we will get back to you with wholesale pricing information.

Once you’ve been approved for our Wholesale Program, you can place your order online or over the phone. We accept all major credit cards and can ship your order right to your door.

It’s that easy!


Wholesale Bubblers in Quebec City

A growing trend in the marijuana industry is portability. As users from all walks of life enjoy cannabis, they want to be able to take their smoking experience with them wherever they go. This is where bubblers come in! A bubbler is a small, handheld bong perfect for on-the-go smoking.

At Wacky Tabacky, we offer a wide selection of bubblers in Quebec City, including the Mini-Me and the Minty Bubbles. These bubblers are perfect for taking to the park, hiking, or even working!

The Liquid G, a novel form of the glycerin-based bubbler, is another great option for those who enjoy smoking on the go. The Liquid G doesn’t need water, so it’s perfect for those times when you can’t find a bottle or sink to fill up your bubbler. Simply pop it in the fridge to cool it down beforehand, and you’re good to go!

Bubblers are also a fantastic option for those who are new to cannabis. They offer a gentle introduction to smoking without being too overwhelming.


Cannabis Accessories in Quebec City

Your customers might be happy with their bong, but you can go the extra mile by offering them accessories to enhance their smoking experience. At Wacky Tabacky, we provide a wide range of cannabis accessories, including:

These are just a few of the many cannabis accessories we offer in Quebec City. By stocking your shop with our accessories, you can be sure that your customers will have everything they need to enjoy their smoking experience to the fullest!


Start Your Order Today

If you’re looking for the best selection of wholesale paraphernalia in Quebec City, look no further than Wacky Tabacky. We offer the best prices and quality in the province, and our bulk discounts make it easy to save money on your bong purchases.

Whether you’re looking for bubblers, bongs, or cannabis accessories, we have what you need to make your customers happy. Fill out our Wholesale Program form to get started!