Wholesale Bongs Ontario

There are many reasons to buy wholesale bongs and other smoking accessories. We’ll give you some tips on how buying in bulk can help your bottom line – as well as our reasoning behind why we think it’s such a great idea!

Wholesale bongs and pipes are a big business in Ontario. We know that no matter what kind of company you’re running, there will be changes coming with legalization, and we want to make sure your company is ready! We want to help you get set up for success before it’s too late.

If you’re not familiar with wholesale bongs and pipes yet, this blog post is for you. Let’s dive into some information about this industry together! 


There are a few reasons to buy wholesale bongs and accessories. The first reason is, of course, price. As any savvy business person will tell you, saving money on stock is a great way to increase your profit margins. This holds for people selling bongs or other smoking devices!

The second reason to buy wholesale bongs is that goods are always changing. Smoking accessories change all the time, with the latest new styles on the market every month – sometimes even more often! If you’re not buying wholesale bongs, it can be challenging to keep up with trends.

Remember that there’s extra storage space required to stock smoking accessories, too. Bongs, glass pipes and other gear can take up a lot of room in your storefront. If you’re selling bongs or other smoking devices for a living, you must have enough space to display all the latest products!

The final reason is that sometimes these products are hard to find. Sometimes, wholesalers have a monopoly on products that are difficult to find elsewhere – and bongs are no exception! If you find a reliable supplier like Wacky Tabacky, you can be confident that you can always get the products your customers want!


At Wacky Tabacky, we offer a wide variety of wholesale bongs. We have an infinite number of styles for sale, including glass bubblers and glass pipes. Not only do we carry these products, but we often carry products that people find difficult to find elsewhere!


Beaker bongs are probably the most iconic style of bongs. They’re great for smoking dry herbs and give you a nice, smooth hit! When people think of a bong, they’re probably thinking about a beaker.

We offer many different styles of beaker bongs, from inexpensive options to high-end pieces ideal for any executive or celebrity smoker. The appropriately-named Thicc Chicc has a large, round base and a fat, round chamber for your smoke.


Straight bongs are an old-fashioned favourite. They consist of a long tube with a round base, ending in a round chamber for your smoke. They’re lightweight and easy to carry around, making them ideal for people on the go.

We have many different designs of straight glass bongs, including the Rexx, an almost alien-looking bong with a percolator.


Custom bongs are popular options for people looking to make a statement. These products are fun and unique, making them ideal for collectors or executives who want to show off!

If you’re looking for custom bongs in Ontario, Wacky Tabacky is here to help. We have several designs of customizable glass water pipes that are perfect for everyone. Take the Elysium X, for example. As you’ll see in the image below, having this piece of art in your living room will make you feel like a true baller.


Since marijuana concentrates are rising in Ontario and the rest of Canada, we also offer dab rigs and bubblers at wholesale prices.


Dab rigs are used for smoking marijuana concentrates. They have a flat top where you concentrate and a carb on the opposite side to let out the smoke.

Wholesale dab rigs are a great investment for businesses who want to start selling cannabis accessories in Ontario, as they’re popular among many different demographics, from experienced smokers to newbies looking for an easy way to smoke concentrates!


On the other hand, Glass bubblers are typically more affordable and ideal for casual users and newbies. Bubblers usually have a smaller chamber and mouthpiece, making them more convenient to transport around.

Wacky Tabacky carries many different styles of bubblers, from heavy-duty pieces made with thick borosilicate glass to elegant designs that’ll look great in an office or living room.

One of our most popular models is the Minty Bubbles, a short and stubby bubbler that looks like a mine! This device will provide the cleanest pulls you can imagine, and you’ll fall in love as soon as you try it!

We also offer a range of other smoking accessories that can make a great addition to any dispensary or headshop in Ontario. From ash catchers to downstems to bowls and herb grinders – we have a wide selection of products for you to choose from!

Our wholesale pricing means that you can save up to 50% off retail prices! The more glass bongs or other products you order, the bigger discount you get.

With Wacky Tabacky, it’s easy to buy wholesale in Ontario. Contact us today for more information on our products and how we can help your business grow!


Wacky Tacky is one of the largest suppliers of smoking accessories in Ontario, which means that we have great prices and a huge selection of products!

We offer free shipping across Canada, competitive wholesale pricing and sales on all our products. We’re also willing to negotiate volume discounts for businesses who want to buy large quantities (initially, this might seem like it’s more expensive, but it can save you a lot of money).

Our communication is detailed and timely, which means that you’ll never have to wonder about the status of your order. Get in touch with us to get started and receive more information on how we can help!