Wholesale Bongs Nova Scotia

A person’s first bong is a rite of passage, and it’s the moment they graduate from rolling joints and smoking blunts to something more sophisticated. Like a pipe or water pipe, a bong can provide an easier-to-hit smoke that filters out some of the harmful chemicals in marijuana.

The only downside? Bongs are expensive! If you’re looking for wholesale bongs in Nova Scotia without breaking the bank, Wacky Tabacky has what you need at prices as low as a few dollars per unit! Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more about our wholesale program.


As a person who smokes weed, you know how expensive bongs can get. Even the most simple bong is going to run you somewhere between $40 and $100, and the more intricate designs can run in the thousands!

Having a high-quality water pipe or bong is worth it, but not everyone has the money to spend. After all, there are tons of other things you can buy with that kind of cash!

If you run a dispensary in Nova Scotia or just want to stock your shelves, you need a good supply of bongs. From simple glass pipes to glass bubblers and glass dab rigs, we offer all kinds of smoking accessories for wholesale prices in N.S. Not only that, but you’ll get them quickly. We ship from the East Coast to dispensaries and head shops across Canada, usually within a day or two of the order being placed.

Buying in bulk will allow you to save money upfront but also increase your profit margins. The more stock you have on hand, the more likely customers are to buy from you. That all contributes to revenue and growth for your dispensary!

And who knows? One day you might be able to afford that $2,000 bong after all and flip it four double the price!


We offer your traditional glass bongs in Nova Scotia, but at discounted prices! All our bongs are made from high-quality water pipe glass, up to 9mm thick. The thicker the size of glass, the more resistant it is to heat and pressure from being used. If you have a smoker who’s a little clumsy or just reckless, thicker bong glass can be a lifesaver!

Of course, carry straight bongs, such as the famous Rexx. This bong has percolators down, providing a fantastic hit and a smooth feeling.

We also offer bongs and dab rigs with fun designs and colours for those who like creative bongs and pipes! These make for great novelty items to stock in your dispensary. Also, if customers come in looking for novelty items or showpieces, you can check with us to see what we have in stock. The Elysium X pictured below is a good example of that.

Most bongs and water pipes on Wacky Tabacky come with a 14mm glass bowl and an 18mm downstem, so it’s ready for use immediately! Many other water pipes will require you to add the bowl or nectar collector on your own, which might be more of a hassle than some customers are willing to deal with. At Wacky Tabacky, we want you to get a good customer experience!

To see more of our water pipe options, visit us online today!


Bongs aren’t the only valuable glassware in the marijuana industry. In fact, glass pipes are still wildly popular! We offer discounts on these items for any dispensary or headshop looking to restock its shelves.

But bubblers are where it’s at, especially if you’re trying to keep the price low.

If you’re not familiar with bubbler water pipes, they function similarly to bongs but tend to be smaller and more compact. The bowl/nectar collector attachment is separate, so it can be cleaned out much more quickly. Plus, because bubblers are smaller in size, they’re less likely to break!

Bubblers are also sometimes made with glass chillums or glass hand pipes. A chillum is a straight tube that has country percolators on the inside. They tend to be more affordable than water pipes, but they can still be made with thick glass in Nova Scotia.

Finally, dab rigs are the bongs of the future. As more and more users are trying out concentrates, the demand for bongs with accessories is increasing. If your customers want something new and exciting, you can sell these from our shop!

Note that it’s always best to contact us to see which products we have for wholesale at the moment.


Smoking accessories are also a necessity for those looking to buy bongs and dab rigs in bulk. We offer glass screens, bowlsdownstems and other items that will help your customers get started with their smoking experience!

We also have the traditional papers, grinders, ash catchers, and items like incense for any dispensaries looking to restock their shelves.

Nova Scotia dispensaries are always looking for new products to offer customers, and Wacky Tabacky is the source of that.


If you’re interested in doing business with us, please visit our Wholesale page to fill out an application. If you’re not ready to fill out the full form, please contact us through our Contact page.

You should receive a response within 2-5 business days and access to your very own wholesaler account. From there, you’ll be able to log in and see how many products you can order, whether or not we have them in stock, and what the wholesale price will be!

Once your account is approved, all you’ll need to do is place an order. Your items should arrive within 2-3 business days from ordering.

If you have any questions about purchasing wholesale bongs, dab rigs or accessories in Nova Scotia, contact us today!