Wholesale Bongs Canada

The legalization of marijuana in Canada has created a large market for the sale and consumption of cannabis. Wacky Tabacky is an online store that offers Canadians wholesale bongs with free shipping to all Canadian provinces.

Our company was founded and is run by individuals who wanted to make it easier for people in Canada to buy quality products at the lowest possible prices. We offer customers high-quality bongs, pipes, rolling papers, grinders, dab rigs and other smoking accessories at competitive prices.

Wacky Tabacky’s goal is to help promote awareness about the benefits of using marijuana responsibly while also contributing back to communities where they do business through donations and sponsorship opportunities.

This blog post will explore how you can take advantage of Wacky Tabakery’s low-priced offerings when purchasing bongs wholesale in Canada.

Buy Wholesale Bongs in Canada

Wacky Tabacky offers a wide range of high-quality products that are available for sale online at all times. All items are priced reasonably based on market demand, so you can expect to pay less compared to other competitors in the industry. Our products are also shipped directly from our production facilities located in Canada so that customers can expect speedy shipping times.

With more and more people turning to cannabis for pain relief or recreationally to relax, it’s a good idea to purchase wholesale bongs in Canada from a trusted source. We keep all sorts of bongs on hand, and we can source more if that’s what you need. Every one of your customers will be different, which is why we feel that offering variety is the best way to go.

We’re always actively working on expanding our product line. For example, we recently added a water pipe with a honeycomb percolator. We want to ensure that each and every customer gets precisely what they need when shopping with us.

Beaker Bongs

Perhaps the most popular type of bong in the world is the beaker bong. They are easy to use, affordable and ideal for all experience levels. Beaker bongs feature a unique design that has proven itself over time, with excellent cooling and filtration capabilities. You can expect clean and smooth hits from this type of product every time you take a hit.

Check out our Thicc Chick (5mm) piece from LMAO Glass, a straightforward, functional piece with a beaker base.

Straight Bongs

Next on the list is the straight bong. This type of product is ideal for customers looking to buy wholesale bongs in Canada that feature a unique design. Straight bongs are virtually identical to beaker bongs, but they often feature a straighter design. You can find them in various colours and designs, making them perfect for those looking to buy bongs wholesale from Wacky Tabacky Canada.

Take a look at the straight version of the Thicc Chick. Can you spot the difference?

Custom Bongs

By custom bongs, we mean any bongs that are not included in our regular product line. These can be either made by internal artists or bought from other manufacturers, and wholesale prices will vary depending on the design and style of each individual piece.

Custom bongs tend to use more expensive materials, production techniques, and they often feature unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else. They often come with attachments such as percolators and ash catchers, making them ideal for every occasion.

For example, the Elysium X is a tall, transparent piece that will deliver amazing hits every time.


Although they are often associated with beaker bongs, bubblers are an excellent addition to any collection of smoking accessories. They are portable and easy to use, making them perfect for beginners. Bubble bongs feature three technical pieces – a bowl, a stem that dispenses the smoke and a water chamber. They allow users to cool the smoke down, making them perfect for sensitive throats or lungs.

The Minty Bubbles looks like a sea mine, and it definitely packs an explosive punch!


Whether you’re an established dispensary or just starting out, you most likely know that you need accessories to help you run your business. Accessories such as ash catchers, lighters, bowlsdownsteams, and ashtrays are found at every dispensary in the world. These products go a long way towards helping a smoke shop manage its inventory more efficiently. They can also serve as attractive promotional tools for dispensaries with limited space available on their physical premises.

Why Should You Consider Buying Bongs Wholesale?

There are plenty of excellent reasons why dispensaries should consider buying bongs wholesale in Canada. First and foremost, it allows you to save both time and money by removing the middleman. Since all items are sold directly from our production facilities located in Canada, customers can expect extremely fast shipping times.

You can also take advantage of our low prices, as wholesale prices are much lower than retail. We also offer flexible payment options, making it easier for dispensaries to purchase items when they need them. We accept payment via credit card and bank transfer, or we can send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send us the payment via Canada Post.

Keeping an updated selection of glassware is easy if you choose to buy bongs wholesale in Canada. You can simply purchase new products when you need them, and we offer a wide range of styles and designs. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service around, so we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Don’t forget that accessories also make great giveaway items for dispensaries, especially if you want to increase your customer base through giveaways or loyalty programs.

How To Get Started?

If you’re interested in buying wholesale from us, please fill out our Wholesale Form, where we’ll ask simple questions about your business, such as name and contact information. Our team should get back to you with more details within 2-5 business days. Take the opportunity to share your plans with us to find the best way to accommodate you.

We pride ourselves in being the best wholesale bong shop in Canada, offering fast shipping, low prices and great customer service.