Wholesale Bongs Brampton

Brampton is a city located in the Peel Region of Ontario, Canada. The city is known for its diverse culture and growing economy. Once a small town, Brampton has since grown into a sprawling city with a population of over 600,000.

Among these people, there is a large community of cannabis enthusiasts. This is why Wacky Tabacky is proud to offer wholesale bongs in Brampton. If you own a dispensary, head shop, or smoke shop, you need to buy your bongs and other smoking accessories from Wacky Tabacky.

We are a community-driven company that knows the importance of providing quality products at a great price. Our wholesale prices allow you to save money on your orders, and our high-quality glass pieces are sure to impress your customers.


Brampton Bongs

Dispensary glass pieces can be quite expensive, but with Wacky Tabacky, you can buy quality bongs at a fraction of the cost. We sell all types of bongs, from beaker bongs to straight bongs.

Lmao Glass’s Thicc Chick is a prime example of our high-quality glass pieces. This bong is made of thick, durable glass and has a large chamber. It also comes with a removable downstem and bowl for easy cleaning.

The same bong is available in beaker format, meaning that it has a wider base for added stability. The same high-quality glass is used in both versions, making them perfect for customers with different preferences.

Similarly, they are available in different sizes. The aforementioned were the 5mm versions, but we also sell 7mm and 9mm versions. This allows you to find the perfect bong for your customer’s needs and budget.


Custom Bongs

Our Brampton dispensary glass is known nationwide for being original and high-class. Nothing in our inventory represents this idea more than our custom bongs.

Our skilled glassblowers have created jaw-dropping designs like the Elysium X and the Wynd Swirl. These bongs are perfect for customers who want something unique and special.

With complex percolation systems and beautiful colours, these bongs are sure to turn heads. Of course, the price tag matches the quality, but that’s expected with such unique pieces.

Yet and still, you will be saving money when you buy wholesale dispensary accessories in Brampton from Wacky Tabacky.


Bubblers in Brampton

In addition to our wide selection of bongs, we also sell bubblers in Brampton. Bubblers are a great alternative to traditional bongs, as they offer the best of both worlds. They are small and portable, making them perfect for on-the-go use, but they also have a decent-sized chamber that allows for a smooth and extended smoking experience.

We have a wide selection of bubblers in our inventory, and if your customers can’t find what they’re looking for, we can always create a custom bubbler just for them. The Mini-me is usually a crowd favourite, as it is small but packs a punch.

The Minty Bubbles from Mint Glass is also a remarkable piece, with a spherical water chamber and filtration systems. It is sure to provide a smooth hit every time.


Glycerin Bubblers

For a novelty smoking experience, you can’t go wrong with a glycerin bubbler. These bubblers use glycerin to cool and filter the smoke before entering your lungs. This allows for an easy and smooth hit every time.

Simply place the device in the freezer for a few minutes to allow the glycerin to cool, then place your herb of choice in the bowl. Light the herb and take a hit from the mouthpiece. The smoke will be cooled and filtered by glycerin, making it easy on your lungs.

The Liquid G is an excellent example of a glycerin bubbler, and it is sure to leave your customers wanting more.


Wholesale Cannabis Accessories in Brampton

Smoking devices are good to have, but your customers need the right accessories to get the most out of their smoking experience. This marijuana paraphernalia is usually available at a discount when buying wholesale from Wacky Tabacky.

They are smaller and more discreet than traditional smoking devices, and they come in a variety of colours and styles.

We have a wide selection of grinders, lighters, and containers to choose from and unique items that you won’t find at other dispensaries. Downstems, bowls, and ash catchers are essential pieces of paraphernalia, and we have a wide selection to choose from.

These products are great to add to your arsenal because they are consumable. That means that your customers will need to replace them on a regular basis, and with our quality, you can be sure that they will return to you for their replacement needs.


Who Can Benefit From Wholesale Dispensary Supplies in Brampton?

Anyone who wants to buy high-quality bongs and bubblers at wholesale prices can benefit from our dispensary supplies in Brampton. However, most of our products are geared towards:


If you run a dispensary, then you know that it is essential to have a wide selection of smoking devices and paraphernalia. This setup will allow your customers to find the perfect piece to pair with their preferred herb.

When a customer enters your dispensary, you want them to feel the cultural and sensory experience of buying and using cannabis. You can do this by displaying a wide variety of smoking devices and paraphernalia.

Smoke Shops

Another business that can benefit from our dispensary supplies is a Brampton smoke shop. A smoke shop can be a great place to buy smoking devices and paraphernalia for your customers, and with our wholesale prices, you can be sure to make a profit.

You’ll be competing with other dispensaries in town, but our high-quality products and low prices will set you apart from the rest.

Cannabis Consumers

Last but not least, cannabis consumers can benefit from our dispensary supplies in Brampton. If you have friends looking for a new and exciting smoking experience, then introduce them to our products.

You can combine everything your group needs in one order, and you’ll be sure to get a discount on your purchase. You might also want to order wholesale glass pieces for yourself if you like to collect paraphernalia.


How To Get Started

If you’re ready to start buying dispensary wholesale bongs and bubblers in Brampton. Our Wholesale Program form can be filled out and submitted online.

Once we have received your form, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your order. We’ll be as quick as possible in getting your order processed, so you can start selling to your customers right away.

Order your Brampton dispensary accessories now; take advantage of our low prices today!