Best Stocking Stuffers for Stoners

Best Stocking Stuffers for Stoners

Santa is bringing all the stoners on his naughty list a gift they will surely enjoy this holiday season. If you are looking for great gifts to stuff in your loved one’s Christmas stocking this year, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of fun and functional marijuana-related items that any weed lover would appreciate. 

The list comprises marijuana accessories small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking, so they can use all of these different products together.


A Classic Hand Pipe

hand pipe is a perfect gift because it is small enough to fit inside your loved one’s stocking, and it has multiple uses! If they are not familiar with hand pipes, this would be a great opportunity to introduce them to the convenience of these awesome portable smoking devices. Our hand glass is stylish and made from high-quality glass.

By spending a little extra on a Canadian-made glass piece, you will be giving them something that is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also durable and easy to clean.


A Clean Grinder and A Paper Reserve

Smoking marijuana comes with recurring expenses that can add up, so it is important to be frugal. Help your friend trim the fat by getting them a grinder that they can use for years to come! Our 3-part metal grinders are built to last and are 100% magnetized, meaning all their weed or kief will stay in place during use. Our grinders have multiple types of designs, including funny and cannabis-themed ones, so you will indeed find one that your loved one will like.

To go along with their new grinder, give them a paper reserve as well! Nothing is worse than running out of papers in the middle of the night and being unable to smoke your Indica and get to sleep. Our hemp papers are 100% natural and come in many different sizes to meet your loved one’s needs.


A Tiny Bubbler

If you want to surprise your loved ones with a great, high-functioning smoking tool this Christmas season, get them a tiny bubbler! Bubblers are most known for their ease of use and portability. This innovative smoking device combines the best features of bongs and hand pipes to create a beautiful hybrid that can be used anywhere.

Bubblers are small enough to fit in stockings, so it is the perfect last-minute gift. These little pieces are made from high-quality glass and come with many great features, including an attached bowl, carb hole, and removable downtube.


An Arizer Vaporizer

If your loved ones are experienced smokers or if they travel a lot, get them an Arizer vaporizer for Christmas! This little device is very functional and easy to use, and it heats up quickly and has multiple temperature settings, so you can use it with any type of marijuana strain.

Vaporizers are better than smoking because not only do they heat up better; they are designed to preserve marijuana’s natural properties. Our vaporizers are made from high-quality materials and durable, so it will be years before your loved one needs another replacement model.

Arizer also created a desktop vaporizer so your friends can have a great vaping experience right in their living room. This vaporizer is safe, cool to the touch, and has an advanced LED display that shows all of its different functions. Desktop vaporizers are a great gift because they can be shared by multiple people and offer higher output and performance than portable vapes.


A New Bowl

If the person you are shopping for is a bong owner, replace their old bowl with a new one! This will make them feel like they got a brand new smoking device at no extra cost, and it’s an inexpensive way to improve your friend’s weed-smoking experience. Most bongs come with a basic bowl, but buying one with an intricate design or shape can give their bong a whole new look.

Our colourful bowls are made from thick, high-quality glass and have a very sturdy build. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is perfectly suited for your friend’s bong.



If your stoner friend owns a bong that is missing its downstem, then get them one for Christmas! Their smoking experience will greatly improve if they have a clean stem attached to their piece. Our downstems are made from high-quality glass and come in many different sizes, giving you the option of picking out one that best suits your friend’s piece.


Ash catchers

A bong ash catcher for Christmas is a great gift for your stoner friend. These accessories dramatically improve bong performance by catching unpleasant ashes and keeping the water cleaner and safer to smoke from. Our ash catchers come in many fun, creative designs that your loved one will love using!


CBD Products

While it may seem unconventional to put CBD products in Christmas stockings, we must remember that this is a new era we are living in. With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, including some CBD products for stocking stuffers is only natural.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that comes from marijuana. It has been known to have many medical benefits, making it a great gift for people who are ill or want to ease pain and anxiety.

You can take CBD in many forms, such as drops, vape pens, or lotions. If you know someone who would benefit from CBD but doesn’t like smoking weed, give them something to help with their pain and anxiety this Christmas.

Remind them that CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it will allow them to benefit from the medicinal benefits of cannabis without getting high.


Final Thoughts

The best Christmas gifts for marijuana smokers are things that improve their smoking experience. Can for a smoker is a great way to show them that you support their lifestyle choices, and these stocking stuffers have been carefully selected to help your friends enjoy their weed even more than they already do!

That wraps up our Christmas guide for stoners. We hope this article helped you learn more about the products we offer and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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